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I thought I'd give you an update on what we've been up to at our new house & share some plans for our family room.

Above, our yard is finally getting there... The flowers are getting big enough for cutting and my husband built a pretty fence around the property. Life is so much easier without having to worry about our toddler & dog escaping to freedom! (We're waiting for it to gray/ dull a bit with age)
My husband's been working like crazy...And Christian has to do everything his dad does... He has to "help daddy" as he so urgently tells us, so here he is below, shoveling and "making a garden."
Below, our favorite spot to hang is under the maple tree in our two adirondack chairs. The other night, after transplanting an entire truckload of plants from my mom's garden, (thank you mom!!) we put the little one to bed & just sat out in the chairs. It felt so good because we've been running around like crazy and it was awesome to look around & see all that we'd accomplished. Writing this now, I realize we need more of this relaxing time...

Our little guy's having so much fun out there & we have one of those really ugly bright plastic baby pools with the slide in them. He absolutely loves it, which is enough to make me not care about how bad it looks.

Our friends, Amy & Greg, made us this awesome vegetable garden!! (below) Yes, they actually came over & built it & gave us plants & everything. I can't believe how sweet they are & can't wait for those 'maters to grow!! yum! yum!

We've picked the paint color for the outside of our house, the gray below, and hope to get to it in the next couple of weeks.

And finally, my in-laws came this weekend to help again. yay!! My husband & father-in-law removed all the panelling in the basement/ family room, waterproofed it, changed some walls, added new insulation & put in a new drywall ceiling to replace the drop ceiling. We're closing up the walls today with paneling & will be carpeting the floor.

The sofa will go on the left wall:

And the hutch will go on the other, for the TV & toys:

Below is where I'll be putting my office. (The sofa pictured will be reupholstered & going upstairs.)

I think I'll use a table as my desk that can double as an eating & game area: (image from Country Living)

Below is another view of the room. OH SO PRETTY!!! hahahaha We have a woodburning stove that we'd eventually like to replace with an actual fireplace.

I plan to put two cozy chairs & an ottoman in front of it: (image below from Cottage Living)

Below is the cottage by Ruthie Sommers from House Beautiful that I recently posted on. I really fell for the color on the walls & we've already bought the paint. (I went a bit lighter than the actual paint shown but it looks the same- funny how photos work like that.) It looks awesome on the paneling. (It's much brighter than I usually go for but I wanted a fun, casual, bright vibe down there & I'm excited for a change.)

Here's another image from Real Simple, with a similar color scheme. I'm loving all the pops of white:

So, there you have it! I'll post after pics as soon as I get them!!! So, do you have any projects planned for summer??




High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh Lauren,

It all looks so great! I'm so happy to see everything coming together and totally remember to take some time to relax! It can be exhausting to work on a new home. Remember me and Jon can totally come for a weekend and help with a project. Jon loves that kind of stuff!

Love the paint color you picked and I totally see it all coming together in my head. I love it.

Miss ya,


Eileen said...

It all sounds really nice.
I love your choice of color!

The yard/garden all looks so nice too. Great property for a little one to run free!

We have so many projects going on right now (painting living room, dining room, hall, re-doing the foyer, outdoor projects, etc.), it's never-ending in this old house!

Southern Aspirations said...

A post chock-full of great ideas! Love how your outdoor space is coming along. Our house is not really old, but I understand the balance (juggling?) of all the indoor and outdoor projects!

alice said...

Your yard looks great! So green and lush, and your fence will be that perfect weathered gray in no time!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Everything looks like it is coming along beautifully! It'll be wonderful to have a functioning downstairs...is that a kitchen down their too? Behind your big white couch?

Don't forget to smell the roses!

Lauren said...

It looks like you are sooooo busy! I cannot wait to see the beautiful finale!

LindsB said...

Aw, Lauren you must be so happy to see everything moving along in your OWN home. Its just beautiful, thats for sure!! I am quite jealous of those two chairs under the tree in the backyard, it looks like the most amazing place to just sit and admire all your hard work. I cant belive how far you have come in just a few short weeks/months...at this rate you will have everything done in no time.

I cant wait to see the blue paint in the basement and your office and play area all set up, it looks great so far so its sure to be stunning soon!

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

It is going to be great. You are such a great talent.

Maria Killam said...

The fact that you have friends that would come over, dig and plant your vegetable garden really says a lot about the kind of person you and your husband are. Wow. Love following your progress your yard is huge and absolutely lovely.

And your little angel is so beautiful, love that shot you got of him!

Love your posts Lauren!

Amber B. said...

It's looking great!! Love those adirondack chairs! It's fun to watch your process!


You two have to be the hardest working people I know! I just can't get over all the progress you've made in such a short time. Your backyard looks like such a nice place to hang out. (It looks HUGE!) I'm so excited about your paint colors - the gray and the blue. It's going to look so awesome. And your little guy is the most adorable little thing!

Kathleen said...

I'm amazed with the changes to the house you've already accomplished. Seriously, I've been in my house since October and am feeling like the biggest slacker on earth after reading your blog. Your house looks terrific. And, I like the fence, too. Let's hear the details on that. Where'd the materials come from? Was it difficult?

Yet said...

What wonderful inspiration. I can already see that your garden and interior will be unique and welcoming. The while is very soft and i think I mentioned before that it makes me think of spring and summer.

Velvet and Linen said...

Ok, your son is the cutest!
I can't believe how much you and your husband have done in such a short amount of time.
Your garden is beautiful, and I'm so jealous (but loving it for you!) of how big it is. Your hubby did such a great job of that wonderful fence. It will age before you know it.
Thank you for sharing the progress.
It's going to be a full but fun summer.


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I am LOVING that blue wall color! Can't wait to see what all you come up with.

Haven and Home said...

I love your posts. This is all so amazing! You all are great examples of do-it-yourself home owners! How sweet of your friends to build the veggie garden, could they be any nicer?

nkp said...

So where can I get me some of that go-get-it energy that seems to be oozing out of lovely Lauren? Seriously, your progress is inspirational. Everything you've accomplished makes me want to jump in to a project of my own. Congrats!

Things That Inspire said...

There is nothing like the thrill and excitement of shaping and forming a new home! I am loving these updates.

Catherine@Simply Natural said...

Little Christian looks so adorable working away in the garden.
You guys are working so hard and it is paying off. The garden looks so beautiful!
Thanks for the update, it's so inspiring to see it all progressing. Hope you are having some downtime too, in your 'delicate condition'!

Michelle said...

You are so amazingly talented Lauren; your husband's to-do list must be a mile long! You are doing an amazing job!


thibaut fabrics said...

Lauren you did a great job on all the renovations. Take a rest after all that work and enjoy your back yard.

Cote de Texas said...

looking good - can't wait to see it finished!!! hurry already! just kidding, but i'm sooo anxious to see put your finishing touches to it - you're the best!

Your House and Life said...

terrific blog, our lives seem to mirror each other in a lot of ways! will be back often.