Atlanta Bartlett's Other Half: David Coote

A lot of you know about my obsession with Atlanta Bartlett's style... well, it looks as if her husband, David Coote, is on my list now too. They work together on a lot of projects and looking over his portfolio, I recognized a lot of overlapping work as well as a lot of his own that I'd never seen. I'm loving the fun color scheme of aqua and reds in the images above & below. This is about as much color as we'll see in any of his work, as the "white love" seems to run in the family. I'm CRAZY over the books in the fireplace, below. I might have to use this idea in our living room?? (remember our mantle??)

The image below just makes me smile. What a beautiful place & the kids are having so much fun. Love lifestyle pics like this!!

Below is the little guy in orange again. I really love the pics with families in them. it brings some life into the spaces. How great is the mirrror arrangement?

Here comes the white!! The picture below is just so clean & beautiful to me. The Vines outside are so gorgeous and with the all-white scheme, you really notice them. Beautiful outside views justify an all-white scheme for me.

Below is a wider view and how great are these nooks above doorways.... super functional & pretty!
Below, I think is the same room... there are some changes- measuring cups in the nook, wood counters, cabinet hardware, accessories, chairs.. But I think it's the same room...
In the adjoining hallway (below) there's another great nook for books. Love the fresh pink peo
Below is another great kitchen. The beams are amazing and it's jkust so fresh & open. Love the vintage appliances!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bathroom below! The white paneling, the chandelier, the tub and vintage accessories are perfection! It's just so simple & pure. I'd love to escape in there for a half hour a day!!

The bathroom below is very similar, but with a bit less femininity, and a more rustic feeling.
Below is another great mirror collection. This would be so easyh to do and look how it makes a simple room so special!! Ok and now I really need a slipper tub. asap.

Below is a super-feminine bedroom. Notice the simple nightstand against the curvey upholstered bed... it's details like that that I think make rooms feel less "designed" and more "real."

Check out the guilded chairs by the fireplace...
This is a bedroom in one of the custom "cabins" David designs:

Some midcenturyh details in an otherwise traditional room:

I definitely recognized the image below but had to show it again. Those barn doors are amazing and the numbered prints make the room for me. I love details like the hooks by the door for coats & bags and how easy is a picnic table in the kitchen?!!

I hope everyone's having a great week and thank you all so much for your kind wishes & sweet comments!!


Federica said...

I'm loving these wonderful rooms! They look divine!

I just found your blog and I'm glad I did! Such a lovely blog!

Federica from Italy,

Jessica - {LivingBetterTogether} said...

Such great pics!! I love Atlanta Bartlett's style. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Natalie said...

LOVE the pictures. Thank you for posting and sharing them.

BTW -- LOVE,LOVE, LOVE your blog!!

Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

I too adore the images with the kids in them - something so "real" about them. You usually don't get that with pictures of staged interiors.

LindsB said...

looking at all those rooms they are staged for the photo- what do you think an all white room looks like with kids, toys, dogs, dust bunnies in the corners and just day to day life? Do you think it’s the same? I'm just asking because I want to know, I really do love all white, but was always curious :)

Emily said...

I love the books in the fireplace idea. I've never seen that done before.

Eileen said...

Great pictures! Wonderful inspiration! I'm in the midst of trying to brighten and lighten my home for summer.
I love the Tuscan style and the autumn colors, but not for summer! So I am amid projects right now and these will come in handy.
Thanks for sharing!


Every single image in this post is gorgeous! I've loved her forever but didn't know about him. Now I think I love him too. And he designs cabins? I must investigate!

I love the books in the fireplace too. You should totally do that! And those barn doors. Sigh.

Jennifer said...

yes, yes, yes! especially all of the paneling on the walls.

nkp said...

I'm a big fan of this husband/wife team as well. These images are all so beautiful...I'm in love! But my very favorite might just be that last one...I'm hopeless when it comes to barn doors and then throw in that fantastic picnic table and I'm a goner. Pure and simple.

Great Post!

Haven and Home said...

Very talented duo. I love the first picture and then the mantel idea. You should totally do that!

Maria Killam said...

The curvy parisian style bed! My fav! Hey I copied you on the 6 uninteresting things. . .

Kara said...

Hey Lauren!
I've missed you!
The second or third outdoor image with the arbor is just a dream. Thanks for sharing those!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Great images! Love the old mirrors lining the bathroom wall!

Lovely post!

Tiina of LiviaConcept said...

oh wow, the books in the fireplace are just so beautiful! I also love the mirrors in the bathroom and the lovely romantic bed ofcourse. sweet :)

Sarah Jane said...

you have such great style Lauren, I love your blog:)