Branching out

In my continuing search for the perfect housewarming gift I was hit with an idea during my daily walks with the pups. I know that Lauren loves to bring the outdoors in and I’ve never seen someone get so excited to see Forsythia’s branches so I figured why not try to find a gift will keep on giving year in and out, she can use it to decorate, and add a touch of girly color.

Enter my latest idea:

A small quince tree that she can plant in her yard:

I love the way the branches look with the pops of pink throughout the brown branches. Maybe these little branches were inspiration for the whole pink plus brown trend!


Close up shot of flower:


Don’t you already see Lauren out there snipping away at the branches and making some amazing arrangements inside her Treehouse?

quinceinvasefaasdant dominoquince

Apparently there is a special way for you to force your branches to bloom. Click here for a little how-to from Martha of course!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend! I’ll be back on Monday with some more ideas, which I’m sure will end up being PINK!




Melli said...

When I see beautiful photos of forsythia, oh how I wish I lived in a zone where it grows!! Gorgeous!

Emily said...

How pretty! I would love to have a few of these trees growing in my yard.

Michelle said...

what a great gift!!! love branches inside!!

LindsB said...

What a great gift, I'm sure she will love it.

Also, if you have a Forsythia bush I think there is a way to start a new bush from a clipping- maybe you could start that and give her a piece of yours. I'm pretty sure my parents got all the Forsythia they have from my grandparents bush. Anyway, it might be worth it to look into it.

Maria Killam said...

I loved doing that for about 6 weeks before spring!

from the right bank said...

Great gift idea! I'm sure she'd love it.

alice said...

Lovely and thoughtful gift idea!
I'm headed over to check out Martha's tips right now!

Michelle said...

I miss you in the Blogosphere :) Are you busy in your "real life?"

joanie said...

Love your idea of giving a tree as a gift. The quince is a lovely choice. Whatever the tree, it is a gift that will give pleasure for years to come.


Leigh said...

Wonderful idea! A friend gave me a daphne plant for my birthday many years ago - it always flowers on my birthday and is such a beautiful and fragrant reminder of our friendship.

Anonymous said...

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