The Treehouse: Kitchen Decisions

First, I just want to thank everyone so much for your feedback & ideas!!

I'm still undecided about the wallpaper as I got about the same amount of votes for "pineapples" and "sunflowers" from you all in comments or emails.

I'm still waiting to receive the actual samples, so I'm hoping once I see them both, I'll know which one to choose.

Also, I do design boards for all my rooms, I just don't have any way to post them as I'm SO computer unsavvy ;) ;) and actually don't even have one right now to scan in!! -- so I think of these posts as my boards :) When I'm back on my compuer with my programs, I'll try to load them in!

I think I've also about decided to go with the saarinen-type table, but am leaning towards formica because I don't want any worries with kids (ok, honestly, I can be super-messy too when hungry!!) & found a steal!! I won't be getting the real thing & do really appreciate all the advice about that. I truly wish we could afford the real thing, but as it's just not in the budget. I'll be going for a vintage knock-off so I can have the look & functionality of that super-skinny leg that won't get in the way of chairs and little kicking feet. Maybe one day we'll reaplace with the real thing if we get the urge...

I've also decided we're definitely going with open shelving.

I'm a super-freak & even like the insides of my cabinets to look pretty & organized so I figure, why not show it off? (haha, plus we have no budget for new doors & I can't stand the arched doors with the rest of the house's architecture!!)
I am also now thinking we're going to completely rip off the uppers and do vertical beadboard all the way up to the ceiling with shelves running accross like in the photo below: (Peri Wolfman & Charles Gold's NY loft as seen in the NY Times)

I wish the photo were better but I orginally came accross the image in Atlanta Bartlett's At Home With White on page 90-91 if you have it ;) I'm hoping to attack the kitchen on Friday... I want to be able to put dishes away this weekend so I'll let you know which way I go!!

I haven't decided about countertops... A reader mentioned a black granite & sent me pics which I love... Of course there are so many pros & cons with both marble & soapstone being so soft & porous... I've also gotten great feedback about both... One thing about soapstone that I do like is its price compared to the others... But, I have a long time to make this decision since countertops are definitely not in the immediate future ;)

And my island didn't make it to Virginia this weekend like I'd planned( My husband drove out to Chicago to pick up my dad's old truck & was planning on bringing back some goodies but it poured rain & he couldn't. So, I haev a big ikea worktable that'll stand in until the island arrives.

Anyway, thank you so much for all your input & ideas!! keep it coming!!!




High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

yay so happy you found a tulip table. How perfect! I can't wait to see it all come together. I'm already piecing it all together in my head and it looks great.

The more I look at the wallpaper then more I'm falling in love with the pineapples!

Love the idea of using beadboard behind the open shelving. I wanted to use beadboard as my backsplash at one point, but you know how turned me down on that idea!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Sounds Great Lauren...The past few homes we've had the first thing I do is rip off the uppers...they give me claustophobia!!

Another vote for the friendly pineapples!!

I'm guessing you are a FAST worker too! You know, IKEA has a cheap knock off table.

alice said...

Love open shelves, they are going to look fabulous with everything else you're doing!

Carrie said...

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Kathy said...

I'd take another look at soapstone. It's not porous and I think it looks better than granite. Pairs nicely with marble too. Just a thought. . .