In Love (design-wise!): Atlanta Bartlett & Foster House

I cannot get over Atlanta Bartlett. She is the author of one of my favorite books, At Home With White, and I honestly don't know why I hadn't looked her up sooner. Below = perfection.

Anyway, Atlanta is an interiors stylist who works with her husband, designer Dave Coote. They own The Beach Studios, an agency in the UK that provides shoot spaces for the film, photographic and television industries. There are so many amazingly beautiful locations that it will take me a bunch of posts to get through them all so for the next few weeks/ months/ however long it takes me, I'll be doing Atlanta Bartlett & The Beach Studios location posts.

First, I just want to show you some photos of her work so you can get a feel for her beautiful, relaxed style. Below, a more modern bedroom:

Here is her more formal, French-inspired location:

A country kitchen (below). You'll see lots of grain sacks & linens throughout her work.

Would love to sit down to a lunch here:

Her styling is amazing: (Seriously? making an unmade bed look so good?!)

How pretty (below)? You know I'm loving the linen!
Love the floors & the round window (below):
How gorgeous are these velvet drapes below?! I love how luxurious they are, but how casually they're hung. perfect! And below is a series of photographs of Foster House, one of The Beach Studios' locations. (There are so many!!!) It's "Only one and a half hours from central London... Fabulous new house location in the heart of the Kent countryside only 10 minutes from the coast. Arranged over 3 separate buildings set in 3 acres of grounds which also boast 2 vintage Airstream trailers."

It's described as a "stunning 6 bedroom New England style property. White weather boarded exterior." Downstairs accommodation comprises one 32ft/10m L shaped reception room with tongue and groove walls, an open fireplace and a modern style Baltaup kitchen at one end.
I've been noticing these shalves lately that go accross the whole wall. Wouldn't this be the best place for an ever-changing display?!!
The table (below) is so perfectly worn:
Hutch-love (below): "A separate living room with an inglenook fireplace and wood burning stove." The wood nook (below) is on my list of things that is definitely happening in my house (as soon as I get one! ;) I just love the warmth it adds to a room & it's so incredibly functional too.
"A generous hallway and a tiled scullery. All other floors downstairs are dark stained fumed oak boards." I love the tongue-and-groove walls & ceilings!!!
How beautiful is this little marble-topped console?!
I just love the mood of all of the spaces in this house.
"Upstairs offers 3 bedrooms for photography. Bedroom one has an antique iron bedstead, windows on 3 sides and pale grey painted floorboards. " I want to go on vacation here. WOW How could you worry about anything here??!!
I LOVE all the windows in this bedroom. It's like a treehouse! I really can't get over it. It's amazing.
And what a beautiful idea with the baskets under the bed for pretty storage:
"Bedroom two has a french antique carved wood bed head, Neisha Crosland wallpaper on one wall and pale grey painted floorboards. " I often see wallpaper in these "attic" rooms & I think it does a lot for the small spaces. Put behind the bed the way it is done, below, makes the bed the focal point & also adds some height to the wall.
"Bedroom 3 has original beams, and an upholstered bed head covered in original 18th century embroidered linen and painted bone wood floor."

I love all the nooks & crannies this house seems to have:

So, isn't Foster House beautiful?!!! It is THE perfect country house to me. (Because I'm really ever going to have a country house! hahah ;) Below are more photographs from a variety of locations. This little work area below is so great. I think there's room in lots of living areas to put a little workspace like this in. (perfect for bills, emails & blogging! ;)
Again, loving all the white (below) and the books make this space for me:

Below, I would possibly have to stuff my cat & keep him there on top of the chair because he looks so perfectly there!! (No, I'd seriously only do it if my cat was really old ;)

hahaha I love the pattern in the curatins (below):

Love the horizontal paneling in the room below: Definitely putting me in the mood for DC cherry blossoms & springtime!!!

Below, a perfect little party:

Welcome home: (Such a beautiful & creative alternative to a wreathe!)

Below, more of those grainsacks we've been seeing so much of lately!!!

Pretty little vignette:

More pictures from the more formal French-inspired location:

LOVE these floors below: What a gorgeous silhouette!!! (below) The pop of green makes this picture for me.

Another beautiful "messy" bed:
Definitely feeling insired to do my family photo wall!!! (I think I may really do it soon!!!) I have been collecting the pics for years & have never gotten around to it! I just adore the picture below. The little guy playing onthe sofa & the lived-in, beautiful room... all the white! :)
Ooohhhh another kitty ripe for the stuffing!!
This dining room table mathces that beautiful coffee table from a few pictures above. I wonder who make them?

Loving the stripes (below): Below, a great way to turn every day objects into art:

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this peak at Atlanta Bartlett's work & I will be showing lots more if it in the next few weeks/ months/ however long it takes me to share it all (because it's all this amazing!!) hope everyone had a great weekend!!
ps- i do love cats, i promise!


Beth said...

so much white! love it, with the wood!

Erin said...

So many great images! The white is just so serene. I especially love that upstairs bedroom with the tree house view. Wouldn't that be just amazing to call your own?!

Beautiful Living said...

It has a very Scandinavian feel to it :) I have a kitchen challenge for you at my blog!!

Blueprint Bliss said...

Okay, I LOVE this post. Love all of the photos. All. Going in to my "forever" file. This doesn't help with my white/neutral kick that I've been on! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you wrote a post about her! I've loved her for a long time, too - ever since I got her book The Comforts of Home. (Do you have that one? Such a cute book.) I can't believe I don't have At Home With White. I'm going to add that to my shopping cart today.

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Enjoyed the tour lauren, thanks for a great post!

Velvet and Linen said...

Great post, Lauren.
The French inspired interiors are beautiful.
Love that little damask settee.
The paneling on that French bedroom is so charming.

Anonymous said...


Do you know what that flooring is in the photo where you pointed it out? Tile? Wood? Almost looks like stone. I love the varying shades of grey. Wonderful!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Peek???? WOWSA, that was a lot more than a peek, girl!!

How fun. I need to do it again.

Anonymous said...

Lauren these images are so beautiful! You and Atlanta are kindred spirits...your aesthetics are both so simple and pretty.
I am loving the fabric on the French settee---reminds me of the Farrow and Ball Wallpaper you found, c'est vrai? :)

Haven and Home said...

Yep, I need an all white bedroom. Love the floors and all the raw elements. This post is so YOU! Love it!

LindsB said...

I love all those pictures, they are so relaxing and clean feeling. I love the third picture down, and also the one with the long green curtains, gotta love those pops of color :)

Cote de Texas said...

i LOVE that house! I would move in lock stock and barrel, whatever that means!

jabee said...

Now I know what Heaven looks like.

Catherine said...

Ooh yes, I love Atlanta Bartlett - I have two of her books and numerous of these photos saved! Did you know that Foster House is her family home? I love the fossilised shells the most.

Lauren said...

thecreme- sorry, I'm not sure!!:( I thought is was an aged/ limewashed parquet, but it might be stone too. does anyone have any ideas about the flooring in that picture?

Anonymous said...

Love ,as always, the french inspired bedrooms!!! And that house, I would uproot in an instance if I could live there. The treehouse room was my fav:)

purple area said...

Amazing post, so many great images at one time!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Wow. I love this peek into her designs. It was much more than a peek and for that I am grateful. I'm now officially obsessed with white! I'm totally going with white for my dining room. I need to have at least one room with it.

Colour Me Happy said...

Even though I'm the colour gal I do love white. It's so clean and fresh and you can't tire of it. Easy to change your look. Love these photos! Thanks for the great show!

No.35style said...

love the 3rd picture with the zinc topped table, baskets and light, those chartruese drapes, leather chair and gallery wall!

Things That Inspire said...

What a beautiful, peaceful post - these images are very easy on the eyes!

I must admit, though, that I was initially excited because I thought that you were posting on something in Atlanta - I thought there was a new store or something! What an unusual name.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful a very inspiring post!

elisabeth (bovagoods) said...

those tables remind me of ornate versions of the fiddlehead tables from maine cottage. i've always loved those tables.