05 August 2013

Fern Star in Yellow in a Reader's Living Room!

This weekend, I received an email from a reader, Nichole, who had purchased yards & yards of our Fern Star in yellow:

{Lauren Liess Textiles' Fern Star in Yellow, available here}

I originally drew Fern Star in pencil, a look inspired by antique botanicals:

Nichole was writing to share a photo of her beautifully decorated living room with me -using Fern Star- and I was so thrilled to see it!!  I asked if I could share it on Pure Style Home & she graciously agreed.  I love how Nichole dressed up the curtains and brought in another shot of blue with the banding:

{work room services by Bill and Mario with MBP Interior Design Work Room Services in Dallas}

I also love how Nichole's style comes across so clearly in her living room, which she decorated herself.  It feels so cheerful& pretty & freshly traditional.   I was glad to see how versatile the pattern is.  Nichole's mix of elements like the modern parsons table with traditional ginger jar lamp really gives the room a collected vibe.  It's interesting and has an energy about it...  it feels like it was put together over time

Here's Fern Star in my friend, Helen Norman's guest barn.  (Guest Barn??? Yes Please!!! :)

That's Grizzly in the bed:

We've also used Fern Star on curtains in our clients' home, but they were very different from Nichole's more tailored curtains,

We paired them with matchstick shades for a relaxed look:

Now that I've seen Nichole's banded Fern Star, I'm itching to try it out!! :) :)

Thank you so much to Nichole for sharing and for using our fabrics in her home!!! It's so exciting to me that something that started out so small a year or two ago is now a part of others people's lives!! :)

And finally, I am MOVING THE BLOG very soon!!! (wahoo!!!)

The new blog address is www.laurenliess,com/pure-style-home
and soon this blog will automatically redirect you to the new address.  I'll be posting instructions shortly on how to update your RSS Feed and email subscriptions.  

I made the switch because I wanted to condense all of my websites into one cohesive site.  The new website incorporates the blog, my professional website, and fabric shop all in one.  We worked with super-talented Emily Thompson of Indie Shopography who created this:

See you over there soon!!

If you'd like help creating a home you absolutely love, contact me about our design services.


  1. Congratulations on the new site Lauren! And that pattern looks wonderful as drapes!

  2. Thanks again for your kind words. If I ever get the adjoining dining room finished, I'll be sure to send you a pic.


  3. Looks simply awesome. Like a dream that you don't want to wake up from. Totally fell in love with those window installations.

  4. I'm loving the star fabric in yellow. I have been itching to do a yellow room...next to a blue room. You are inspiring me!

  5. Congratulations on the new site! Also, all the best wishes for you and the house this week. I hope the photo shoot goes as smooth as possible. :)

  6. ............GOOD LUCK FOR TODAY............

  7. I love what she did! And how fun that must be for you to see her vision with your fabric (and fun for her also, to see her lovely living room featured on your blog)!

  8. Wow this house is so beautiful. I wonder if they have York Region homes like this. If so i would want to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  9. nice home..i love the style and simplicity of the house..you've got nice windows and the ambiance is pretty great..

    siding pittsburgh


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